When I look at the crisis emanating from illegal aliens trying to cross our southern border, I wonder whether the Biden-Harris Administration is guilty of sheer incompetence or of having a hidden agenda.   

The number of illegal encounters handled by border security agents has reached over 2 million since Biden reached the Oval Office, and the seizure of deadly fentanyl has increased by 134 percent from FY 2020 to FY 2021.  These disasters were triggered partly by stopping the construction of the wall that President Trump had authorized, and that had proved so successful in stemming the flow of these caravans.   

You would think that Biden would uphold the oath of office to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” But he’s done the complete opposite and, thus, placed Americans at great risks.   

Rather than beefing up the regulations to send back illegals quickly to their countries of origin, deportations have fallen by 68% from FY 2020 to FY 2021.  Moreover, Biden and his team have refused to test illegals for COVID-19 at the southern border, while approving strict test requirements for Americans.  He embraces an “Illegals First/Americans Last” policy.  

Naming Kamala Harris as border czar to handle the border crisis has been a disaster – which accounts for her dismal 37.1% approval rating as of July 15, 2022 (even worse than Biden’s 39% approval rating).  

So, what gives?  

To answer this question, I’ll do a quick review of Marxist theories – which are much in vogue with progressive Democrats and “Woke” Americans.  

When Karl Marx developed his Marxist vision of the world, he saw a battle between the rich, the bourgeoise, and the poor.  But looked from the perspective of the early 20th century, his vision was not catching on.  Other than in Russia, capitalism was stronger than ever in most advanced nations.  

This is when Italian Marxist Philosopher Antonio Gramsci updated Marx’s theories by introducing the “cultural Marxism” principles that divided the world between the oppressor and the culturally oppressed.   

The Left in the United States embraced Gramsci’s theory of victimhood and pointed their guns at “white males.”  Hegel and Marx’s political slogan of “workers of the world unite!” was transformed into “victims of the world, unite!”  

While the Left in the United States is concentrating its efforts in our country, this is a worldwide movement to bring down the Western, Judeo-Christian civilization.   

So, to answer the question at the beginning of this article, I’ve decided to turn our attention to statistics – and not just any statistics, but those compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau.  

Considering that the Left considers “white males” as the “Great Satans” of American society, I wanted to find out how many of these were in the U.S. population.  Since I could only find the aggregate number of “whites” in the U.S. population in the Census statistics, I turned to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Annual Report on the Federal Workforce for Fiscal Year 2019” — the latest available. The catch is that I had to use Civilian Labor Force data rather than data from the U.S. Population.   

Following is what I found.  

Males: 51.86%           Females: 48.14% 

White Males: 38.33%           White Females: 34.03% 

Non-White Males: 13.53%   Non-White Females: 14.11% 

Non-white males and non-white females needed to fill a 10.69% gap to equal the white-male percentage in the Civilian Labor Force.  Representation in the labor force can be equated with power that can be wielded to make the white males into the victims of society – considering that the Left opines that most vote for Republicans whom they view as the party that favors the oppressors rather than minorities and women.   

They conveniently ignore the fact that it was a Republican President (Lincoln) who issued the Emancipation Proclamation and another one, President George H. W. Bush, who signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

So where are the Democrats going to get 10.69% voters that they need?  

The first thought that comes to mind is from Hispanics – who already make up 18.9% of the U.S. population and represent the largest minority group.  But according to a Quinnipiac University poll released in June 2022, only 24% of Hispanics support the job that Biden is doing.   

Hispanics who came to the U.S. as political refugees from communist regimes like the Cuban-Americans and those who came as legal immigrants do so to get a job to support their families, to make a better life for themselves than the ones that they left behind.  Their values are conservative.  They venerate the nuclear family and their Catholic upbringing.  They come to the United States to build it up; not to tear it down.  And they are firm believers in capitalism, freedom, and democracy.  The majority of these Hispanics vote for Republicans and take umbrage when Democrats like Jill Biden demeans their identities by calling them “tacos.”   

And regarding improving the lot of Hispanics, Biden has relied on symbols rather than on deliverables.  For example, he has a bust of Hispanic civil rights and labor rights leader Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office.  But Biden ignores the fact that Chavez was an ardent critic of illegal immigration because of the damage that it did to the wages and jobs of union workers in the U.S. Biden may fool those who are unfamiliar with the story of this iconic Hispanic leader, but Hispanics know the real deal! If he were alive, rather than chanting “Si Se Puede!” or “Yes We Can!” — Chavez would be chanting “No Se Debe!” or “No We Shouldn’t” to illegal immigration.

Out of desperation, Democrats have to come up with a Plan B.  And it entails turning a blind eye to illegals crossing our southern border and enacting laws to grant them U.S. citizenship in the near future.  But even if they succeeded, they ignore the fact that after they become U.S. citizens, Hispanics would recognize that illegals trigger high unemployment and lower wages in the labor market.  These Hispanics would eventually vote for Republicans after they got the most from the Democrats.  

Democrats would next turn their attention to white women.  They will peddle abortion as a bait to get them on board.  But let’s get real! How many of these white women do you think are going to vote for a party that insists on turning their white-male husbands into the enemy of society? Moreover, how many white women do you think are going to vote for a party that wants to indoctrinate their children with the nefarious “critical race theory” curriculum that makes all white people into oppressors?  

Look no further than the election of Glenn Youngkin to the governorship of the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2021 as a Republican.  He ran against a Democratic incumbent, Terry McAuliffe, who brought the power team of the Democratic Party to campaign for him – Obama, Kamala, Stacey Abrams, Joe and Jill Biden.  And he still fell short! 

And to disprove the false narrative that Republicans are insensitive to the needs of minorities and women, Governor Youngkin brought along a Lieutenant Governor and an Attorney General who made history in Virginia – Winsome Sears as the firm woman of color to serve in a statewide office and Jason Miyares as the first Cuban-American to serve as attorney general.  

Similarly, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis selected Jeanette M. Nuñez as Florida’s First Cuban-American lieutenant governor in 2018.   

And to move forward to 2022, who can forget the election of Republican Mayra Flores to the House seat for Texas’ 34th Congressional District.  She made history as the first Mexican-born woman elected to the U.S. Congress.  

Minorities are finding out that Republicans don’t just preach the civil-rights gospel.  They embrace it by bringing them into an American Big Tent that welcomes them!”  

While there is plenty of incompetence in the way that Biden and Kamala are handling the crisis at the southern border, it is obvious that they have a hidden agenda by embracing open-border policies.  But just like this hidden agenda failed to deliver the goods for them in Virginia, it is bound to fail again in 2022 and 2024.

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