The main reason for my parents deciding to emigrate to the United States was when the Communist Cuban authorities passed an edict requiring parents to send their children to public schools — with prison time authorized for noncompliance. 

The government authorities had closed all private and religious schools with the goal of having a monopoly on the molding of the children’s minds with a Marxist ideology.  To them, there could not be any challenges from any deities to the supremacy of the Cuban Communist Party.

This edict ran counter to my parents’ moral and religious values, and they did not vacillate in their decision to fight back by deciding that it was time to make the United States their home.

According to the Bible (Gen. 1:28), in the beginning of the world creation, He blessed Adam and Eve and told them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”  Before getting married, I was foolish enough to tell my future wife that I did not want to have any children after getting married.  I did not think that I had the training to be a good father – as if there ever was a training manual for such a purpose!  The priest who married us (Father Yiyo Maderal) offered me one those “come to Jesus moments” by reminding me of the Biblical obligations for marriage and gave me an ultimatum: no children = no Catholic marriage.  Given my religious upbringing, I complied.

But with procreation comes another requirement: the main responsibility for the education of the children falls on the parents – not on the State.  This right to educate is an inalienable right that comes from the Creator.  The State can’t take it away! By trying to do so, the State behaves as a god – and no man nor woman is equipped to play such role.

Parents may delegate the right to educate their children to teachers – but the teachers can only supplement, not replace the responsibility of the parents.  With this in mind, the teachers always act on the parents’ behalf, never on the State’s behalf.  The State’s role is the improve the efficiency of the teachers to protect that Nation’s traditions and to impart knowledge objectively. To make the teachers the servants of the State, as the Communist Government officials did in Cuba, is to make them the enemies of tradition, culture, and the nuclear family.

When dealing with parents who insist on delegating the responsibility for educating their children entirely to the teachers, they are conveniently forgetting their duty to start the education process before the children’s first day in school.  And even when they are in school, they ignore the basic fact that children spend the majority of their time in a home environment. 

One of the main challenges that society faces today is that the majority of schools think that education is limited to imparting knowledge.  They fail to understand that this is only half of the equation.  Training the mind has to be supplemented with molding the character into recognizing right from wrong.  This failure has led to classrooms where misbehaved students have the upper hand, and teachers are relegated to victims.  In this environment, learning becomes impossible — as survival of the fittest becomes the modus operandi.  Failure to respect authority figures in school makes them ill-equipped to deal later in life with law-enforcement figures.

The progressives, those in the woke crowd, have preached that crime is the result of ignorance, and that by increasing school budgets to dispel ignorance via education, we could abolish crime.   This falls into another one of those delusional ideas from this gang. 

With all the massive funds that local, state, and federal agencies spend on education, crime remains a problem in the United States.  According to the 2021 World Prison Population List, the U.S. had the highest prisoner rate in the world, with 639 prisoners per 100,000 of the national population.  Moreover, there were more than 2M prisoners in the U.S. in 2021. 

Never before in the history of mankind has there been so much information available in different social-media portals.  Never before in the history has there been so much ignorance of right and wrong.  Never before has there been so much scientific information available.  Never before has science been used for the destruction of human life!

One of the conclusions that one can draw from this challenge is that reason without a moral compass can serve both good and evil purposes. 

The schools and teachers cannot bear the blame for this malfunction of the education process.  Parents bear the bulk of the blame.

More nurseries, better playgrounds, healthier diets, improved baby formulas lessen the effect but not the root cause of this challenge. Make no mistake about it, behind every delinquent child, there is always a delinquent parent. 

Parents have to choose about the wisdom of having two incomes in their households or spend more quality time educating their children – especially during their formative years.  Delegating this task to others will generate a void that will be filled by unscrupulous teachers or by undesirable members of society.  A few extra dollars earned now could turn into super expensive bills later in rehabilitation centers for treating children who, by not recognizing right from wrong, took the road that turned them into enemies of society!

The choice is yours, parents and country: educate properly now or suffer the consequences later!

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