A very devout Catholic acquaintance from a Northeastern state asked me recently to refrain from e-mailing her my articles because she had taken a hiatus from politics and my articles dwelled in politics. 

Is she right or not with her decision?

I’d like to address first an issue that has been in my mind since my childhood about religion.  With the advent of so many scientific breakthroughs, I’ve wondered whether science or religion is better suited to answer the questions about the origins of mankind.

And here is where common sense comes in handy.  Scientists are in the business of discovering and studying the laws of nature and the universe; they don’t create them.  Therefore, there has to be a creator of these laws.  And that Creator is God. 

Our Founding Fathers recognized that human got their inalienable rights from their Creator, and they stated so in the Declaration of Independence.  Therefore, to safeguard these rights, it was incumbent on men and women to follow the moral law.  And this law entails the adoption of the eternal reason of God in all his/her actions and decisions.  While God gave humans a conscience by which they could decide to follow the right or the wrong path, ignoring the moral laws would only hurt them. 

Several centuries ago, religion played a unifying power in the lives of men and women.  Subsequently, the state began to encroach its influence on religion by replacing it with the divine rights of kings and queens.  And now, much of humanity has made the government and politics their gods.

With placing government and politics at the center of their lives, today’s liberals have dehumanized the nature of men and women by treating them as mere objects or “things” that exist solely for the wellbeing of the secular institutions.  It is this mindset that justified Mao Zedong for killing 45 million of his countrymen(women) between 1958 and 1962, and 20 million during the Stalin’s rule of the Soviet Union.  To these henchmen, failure to abide by the dictates of the Communist Party was the equivalent of treason that deserved to be punished by the death penalty.

In the United States, the Left has been working overtime to replace the Judeo-Christian traditions with a secular-based religion of its own.  This religion even has a devil figure: the White males, while its god has become the government.

An August 2022 article in The Atlantic Magazine claimed that the Catholic rosary was a “symbol” of religious radicalism for “radical-traditional Catholics.”  According to a 2021 report by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee for Religious Liberty, there have been at least 95 incidents where Catholic churches have been vandalized in the United States since May 2020.  These acts of vandalism include destruction of statues and the defacement of churches with swastikas and anti-Catholic messages.  Then, there is the push by many businesses in the United States to replace the “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holidays” messages on their products. 

They are going after the foundation of the Judeo-Christian doctrines – the nuclear family.  They demand the availability of abortion-on-demand for women – a frontal attack on the religious precept on the sanctity of human life.  And many Catholic bishops, priests, and even Pope Francis favor allowing the  giving of the holy sacrament of Communion to public figures like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi — who while bragging about their Catholic faith fully endorse pro-choice legislation.  These a-la-carte Catholics are providing the Left with the rope with which to hang them. 

Knowing that they cannot erase the Judeo-Christian traditions from the majority of the baby-boomer generation, the Left has turned its attention to the young.  They have turned their wrath on our Founding Fathers and founding documents by using a Marx-Engels model based on race discrimination.  By introducing their Critical Race Theory into school curricula, they intend to mold the minds of our youth by rejecting the foundations of our Nation and weaponizing their anger by replacing them with a socialist government. 

In a socialist state, Christianity is the opium of society.  The Communist Party becomes the Immortal Deity. 

The Left is interested in abiding by the laws and policies in the books only when they serve their needs and agendas.  Per predictions by the Princeton Policy Advisors, the Biden administration is expected to reach 2.1 million illegal border crossings at the Southern Border in 2022 – which represents the largest record since this statistic started to get collected in 1960.  This monstrosity and danger to our national security is made possible by the Biden administration’s willingness to cancel the get-tough policies enacted by President Trump.  Similarly, the U.S. Department of Justice has been unwilling to enforce federal law under 18 USC 1503 that prohibit demonstrations in front of the house of a judge to influence his/her decision.  And this is precisely what happened in front of the residence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the eve of the abortion decision.   

So, here is the question to ask. If the Left ignores the laws of the land when they are inconvenient to their agendas, what makes you think that they would respect the Biblical doctrines? Not at all!!!

I think that my very devout Catholic acquaintance from a Northeastern state is making a serious mistake in trying to compartmentalize her Catholic faith from politics.  To the Leftist forces at work in the United States, their secular principles are their new “religion.”

It’ll be foolish to fight a radical movement with Christian beliefs of compromise and tolerance.  I hope my devout Catholic acquaintance and others who think like she does learn this important lesson for the survival of Western civilization!

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